GSoC2013 accept!

一大早收到两封来自google的邮件,终于不是thank you开头,读研这段日子收了好多公司的感谢信(微软、大摩、EMC、新思。。。集满七封是不是可以换一个offer?)google的这句Congratulations确实够振奋我心 🙂

Congratulations! Your proposal "[HURD] Improve the GDB Port for GNU Hurd" submitted to "GNU Project" has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013. Over the next few days, we will add you to the private Google Summer of Code Student Discussion List.
Now that you've been accepted, please take the opportunity to speak with your mentors about plans for the Community Bonding Period: what documentation should you be reading, what version control system will you need to set up, etc., before start of coding begins on 17 June.
Welcome to Google Summer of Code 2013! We look forward to having you with us.
With best regards,
The Google Summer of Code Program Administration Team

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