[GSoC weekly report#7]build gdbserver on GNU/Hurd

This week I have try to build gdbserver on hurd. And it works, but can't do any debugger stuffs, just a program named gdbserver which stays in gdb's build hierarchy.

When I begin to add function pointer to structure target_ops one by one, I have met a design problem, as says, how to implement gdbserver on GNU/Hurd? Should I implement gdbserver from scratch and then add features one by one or borrow code from gdb's implemention and then omit useless parts?

The latter, I must say, there are big gap between gdb's interface and gdbserver's. The gdbserver is much simpler than gdb that just care of the target side doesn't consider of the symbol side. Gdbserver implement many interfaces and structures simply than gdb (such like thread-part, target-ops etc). So I don't know how to decide which interface should be omit or simplify.

For instance, There are 6110 lines in the linux-low.c which is the main part of linux gdbserver's implemention.(BTW, there are only 5320 lines in linux-nat.c which is the main part of linux gdb's impemention). And there are only 723 lines in lynx-low.c which is the main part of LynxOS porting.

Which principle should I follow when I make the decision?

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