[GSoC weekly report#11]here gdbserver go

Here gdbserver go!

I have put the code to github, under the branch of gdbserver.  The basic gdbserver on Hurd can set breakpoint, dump and modify memory variable  and dump registers. Before submit patches to the mainline, I need do more things.

Move the MIG-gen file out, now I have copy  exc_request_S.c  msg_reply_S.c  notify_S.c  process_reply_S.c directlly from the gdb directory. I should change this to generate them by mig. I haven't totally understand [gdb]/gdb/config/i386/i386gnu.mh and the use of autoconf, I need a little more time.

Adjust the code style. I should change the code style to GNU-style. (not complete)


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